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Located in the Chicagoland western suburbs we believe in style and creativity and expressing yourself everyday .



Armoredcookie Inc. established in 2012 at the time i was searching for what to call my company. It was July and I remember I said in the local coffee shop and popped my headphones on to hear the lasts chill house music by a Brazilian DJ. This mix began with a loop form an old track but my ears picked up the sound of the loop playing in the background “I’m a groovy” looped repeatedly. However, my mind was made up I heard "Armoredcookie" looping. July 2012 will always be in my soul forever.

At Armoredcookie we  provide a wide range of skateboard decks that we bring out seasonally. Along with our dated limited addition hand painted skateboard decks signed by me or featured artist. We have a wide range of shirts with different monthly deigns that will post on our blogs for a vote for new prints.  However, if you are those who want to represent the Armoredcookie logo we have the line of basic shirts for you also in a range of colors. We easily will turn heads when you represent us. Enjoy the journey with us in 2019.


Reggio Blackwell,Founder

As the founder of Armoredcookie  I believe that everyone holds there own key to style and there  creative side.



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Under Construction